Thank you to everyone who has supported us in raising money for soccer balls for the kids in Afghanistan.

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Thank you Mum and Dad.  Thank you for helping me to learn how to make a website, make videos, upload to You Tube and make email newsletters.   But do you still have to check every blog??

A big thank you to Taine at Light Energy Australia.  LEA has donated $1000!!!! and have helped me to reach my goal in one big hit.  Thank you so much.

Light Energy Australia - Major Sponsor

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The Helen O’Grady Academy

Thank you to Graham at the Helen O’Grady Academy for your great donation of $500.00 towards soccer balls.

Helen O'Grady Drama Academy

1300 OGRADY http://www.helenogrady.com.au/

A message from Graham ……………

As part of an organisation covering some 30 countries and with over 60,000 children attending, we are delighted to be able to help Mac to bring a special chance to children who would otherwise not have an opportunity.

His initiative and self- assurance are traits we seek to support and develop in all our students, everywhere, so assisting him in bringing his passion to as wide a community of children as possible is a pleasure.


Acousto-Scan is a major sponsor of Football - Play It Forward

Church Air Conditioning is a major sponsor for Football - Play It Forward

Evans & Harsthorn.

United Nations of Australia (Qld)

Evans and HartshornMeredith, thank you for our logo and graphics. They are so cool. Thank you to the United Nations of Australia (Qld), who are collecting all of the money raised.  If you donate on this website, the money goes to the UNAAQ and they will help me to buy the soccer balls.

Agency North Pty Ltd

Thank you Dawn and Amy for your advice
about working with the media.

 Play Beautiful Football Academy
Thank you Sam for all you help
with the soccer skills section.

Adoni Media Pty Ltd
Thank you Leisa and Anthony for spreading
the word about my goal for Afghanistan.
  Thank you Juliette and Pugglemate for the donation of the Aussie Soccer balls.  They are
Aussie Soccer Ball