About Tarinkot

The former Minister Stephen Smith agreed to transport our soccer balls to the children of Tarin Kot.  Tarinkot or TarinKowt is the capital of Orūzgān (also written “Uruzgan”) province in southern Afghanistan. It is a town of about 10,000 people, with some 200 small shops in the city’s bazaar.  Tarin Kowt is isolated: its only airstrip is on the military base on the outskirts of the town. Tarin Kowt’s only ground access to the outside is a road to the regional center of Kandahar to the south, which can be subject to Taliban attacks and washouts. There are no police or health clinics. It is a very dangerous area.

We achieved our goal !!  The Australian soldiers delivered 100 soccer balls to the children of Tarin Kot.  The kids looked really happy.  It was quite exciting to see them getting the balls.  I’ve received good feedback that the Australian soldiers found it very rewarding too.