My Goal

My Current Goal: To raise as much money as I can to buy soccer balls for disadvantaged kids around the world, including the children of refugees in Australian detention centres and the kids in Bangladesh.

My Original Goal: Soccer balls for the kids of Afghanistan


I love soccer and I wanted to start a website, but I wanted to have a good reason. I started thinking about which kids really need our help. When I see kids on TV from Afghanistan where the war is, it always looks  like they don’t have much to play with. I really love playing soccer and I thought it would be good if all kids could play soccer too.

How much and how long:

So I came up with my goal to raise money for soccer balls for kids in Afghanistan. My goal is to raise $1000 in three months, but I’m hoping that I can get more. By the way, my mum and dad’s company (JDMA Property Consulting and Valuations) is the major sponsor of this website (they paid for it), so all the money that people donate will go towards soccer balls for kids in Afghanistan.

Problem 1: Kids can’t collect money

But on my way, I’ve had a bit of trouble. During my research, I found out that because I’m a kid, I can’t collect money for charity. So, I’ve asked the United Nations Assoc of Australia (Qld Branch) to help me.  So if you donate on this website, the money will go to the United Nations Association of Australia(Qld) and they will help me to get the money for the soccer balls.

Problem 2: How to get the balls to Afghanistan

The next problem I had was how to get the balls to Afghanistan. I have a friend Omar at my soccer club and I thought I could ask his mum (they are from Afghanistan), but then Poppa suggested we write to the Department of Defence and ask the Australian soldiers to give them to the boys and girls (mum said it’s important the girls get them too). I have now received a letter from the Minisiter of Defence, Stephen Smith, agreeing to have the Australian soldiers deliver the soccer balls to the children at the school in TarinKot, Afghanistan. Click here to read the letter from the Minister.

How can you help:

This is where I need your help. If you’ve enjoyed reading my website and watching the videos, then please donate to buy soccer balls.  If you donate $100 then you can be a sponsor and I’ll put your logo on the sponsor page of my website. If you don’t have a logo, then you can just feel good about giving $100.

Where have we sent soccer balls?

* 100 to the children of Afghanistan – with the Australian soldiers
* 60 to the children of Solomon Islands - with the Rotary Club of Fortitude Valley
* 10 to the refugee community of Logan, Brisbane at the Rotary International Peace Forum
* 300 to the children of refugees in Australian detention centres – with the help of the Department of Immigration.
* 50 soccer balls to the island of Nauru – with the Salvation Army
* 50 to The Welcome Group – helping refugee families assimilate into the Melbourne Community.
* 50 to Manus Island with the Salvation Army
* 20 to Cambodia (plus $800 for medical supplies to the Children’s Surgical Centre)
* 50 for Zimbabwe distributed with the assistance of the Rotary Club of Carindale, Brisbane and the Rotary Club of Bulawayo South Zimbabwe
*  60 soccer balls to the Aboriginal and farming communities of Far North Queensland.

What are we working on now?

1. We are working with the Australian Federal Police to provide soccer balls for the Australian Peacekeepers to take around the world with them.

2. With the help of Rotary, we are working on getting soccer balls to Mamba School in Tanzania, the poor favela of Brazil, Fiji and Vanuatu.

3. I also want to get soccer balls to the children from Syria who are living in refugee camps in Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon.  The kids aren’t going to school and they have nothing to do.  My mum is helping me to try and make this happen.

4. I have a goal to raise $5000 for children in Bangladesh.  At the Rotary International Convention in Sydney I met Showket, the incoming District Governer.  He said if I can raise $5000 then he will match it and together we will provide $10,000 worth of soccer balls for the kids of Bangladesh.  The Showket will arrange a soccer tournament in his district.  This sounds amazing!

So, please help me to raise more money for more soccer balls.

This is where you can help.  Please click on the Donate Here button and lets help the kids together.  All money donated on the website goes to the United Nations Association of Australia and they will help me to buy the soccer balls.