Today Show, 2GB Radio and The Project

Today I talked to Karl on the Today Show and Ben Fordham on 2GB radio in Sydney and I also got to go on The Project.  Such a big day.  My mum said she’s worn out.

Today I met the Governor of Queensland

What a big honour.  Today I received a United Nations Association of Australia Community Award at Government House.  It was amazing to meet the Governer of Queensland, Her Excellency Penelope Wensley.  There were many amazing people doing amazing things.  I met lots of professors and doctors.

Rotary Club of Carindale

I was invited to speak at another Rotary Club today – The Rotary Club of Carindale.  Thank you to mum’s friend Arch, for inviting me.  I had a good chat to Lenore and Peter.  Everyone was really supportive and they asked how they could help me.  I’ve written an application to Arch asking for support and I’m looking forward to hearing back.


Aunty Sammy and the Wolfpack Team

Thank you to my Aunty Sammy and the Wolfpack team from Smart Service in the City.  Aunty Sam and her team raised money with a bake sale and a pancake day and have given me 95 soccer balls.  WOW!!!!! Thank you soooooo much!

Major Annette West from the Salvation Army is taking 50 of these soccer balls to the children in detention centres in Nauru next week.

Here’s a picture of me with Solomon and Fiona Armstrong, Executive Director of Smart Service.  Thanks again everyone!

Mac wit h Solomon and Fiona

Rotary Club Brisbane Highrise

Today I was the guest speaker at the Rotary Club Brisbane Highrise.  Breakfast was great and the building was beautiful – The Polo Club.  Everyone enjoyed my powerpoint presentation and clapped a lot.  Mum said she has to remember to ask the people to have a step ready so I can see over the lectern :).

Major Bryce Davies said he has a team member going to Nauru next week and they would love some soccer balls to take with them.  He said his team members are the ones who are playing with the kids and teaching the kids and they would be sure the balls got to the kids.  Mum said she is going to arrange this.

See ya!

Rotary Club of Fortitude Valley

Last night I gave a 20 minute presentation to the Rotary Club of Fortitude Valley.  I really enjoyed it and everyone was really supportive.  I enjoyed dinner too.  Thank you to Mr Nathan Powell, the President of the club.

Mac Millar with his mum, Sacha and Mr Nathan Powell

The Rotary Club of Fortitude Valley are working on a project for homeless people and we hope to provide some soccer balls for the families as well.

I’ll tell you more about it soon.


It’s school holidays!!

It’s school holidays!!!!!!!!!

Thank you to The Helen O’Grady Drama Academy

I want to say thank you to Graham at the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy.  They have donated $500 for soccer balls.  I really appreciate this.  Thank you so much.

THe Helen O'Grady Drama Academy


A quick message from Graham………………As part of an organisation covering some 30 countries and with over 60,000 children attending, we are delighted to be able to help Mac to bring a special chance to children who would otherwise not have an opportunity.

His initiative and self- assurance are traits we seek to support and develop in all our students, everywhere, so assisting him in bringing his passion to as wide a community of children as possible is a pleasure.

Thank you for your kind words.   Mac

Soldiers delivering the soccer balls in Afghanistan

We got some great photos back from Afghanistan just lately.  We can actually see the soldiers giving the balls to the kids.  Thanks to Warrant Officer David Harvey for organising this.

Aussie soldiers in Afghanistan delivering the soccer balls to the kids

Emails from Afghanistan

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to say thanks for all the emails I’ve received from Afghanistan over the last few days.  Someone must have sent a link to someone over there, because I received some really nice emails from people saying thanks.

“Hi Mac, I really appreciate you and your website, and thank you very much for donating football to Afghanistan kids. I am an Afghan refuge living in Melbourne. When I saw you in tv donating football to Afghan kids I was crying, because I feel that Afghan kids are not alone and you will help them. Once a gain thank u very much and God bless you Mac.”

“Dear Mac, Today I watched the clip that you send the balls for afghan children and you know that they don’t have access to the internet and computer therefore let me to thanks on behalf of them. I wish that all your dreams become true.”

“Hi mac, my name is Ali, I live in the uk. Today one of my friends sent me your lovely report about sending footballs soccer balls for Afghan children. I would like to thank you and your beloved family to raise you in a such way that you understand, feel and help people which much mature people even don’t feel. I must say that I really impressed. well done, keep going. I wish you successes in your life.   We have 7 aside Afghan football tournament this Sunday, I will represent your humanitarian effort to all.”

Thanks for all of these great emails.  Really makes me feel good to know that we can help in a small way.