Socceroo Mark Milligan & Nike have donated 50 Soccer Balls!!
Socceroo Mark Milligan and Mac Millar

Socceroo Mark Milligan and Mac Millar

A big thank you to Mark Milligan from the Socceroos and Captain of the Melbourne Victory.  Mark and his sponsor Nike have donated 50 brand new soccer balls to my project.  This is awesome.  Thank you so much!! I was hoping to get soccer balls to some of the poor kids in the favela of Brasil and Mark said he and his wife Rhia will try and deliver these for me.  Thanks guys for your help.  I really appreciate it.   From Mac

Cleaning soccer balls for Farming & Aboriginal Communities of Far North Qld

Hi GuysSecond Hand Soccer Balls

Major Annette West came over on the week end to collect more soccer balls.  She said the Salvation Army’s ‘Flying Padres’ will take them to the farming and Aboriginal Communities of Far North Qld.  These were second hand balls so Jock, Dad and I gave them a good clean.  Thanks to Brisbane City Football Club and The Brisbane Roar for donating these soccer balls.

From Mac



Soccer Balls for Cambodia

Hi Guys

Angela Herde has sent some great photos from Cambodia.  Thanks so much Angela for giving out these balls.  This boy has a broken back, but Angela said he’ll walk again.  Thanks to everyone who has donated on the website and for buying my book.  Thank you for helping me to make this happen.

Soccer balls for kids in Cambodia.
Soccer balls for kids in Cambodia.


Boys with soccer balls

Thanks for coming to my Book Launch

HI Guys

Thanks to everyone who came to my book launch and bought my book.  It was a great day and a lot of fun.  Thank you to Mary Ryan Book Shop for having us there.  If you missed it, you can watch the video of my speech here. 

Here's a picture at my book launch.

Here’s a picture at my book launch.

Thanks to Dobbo & Tim Horan on Triple M
Tim Horan, Dobbo and Mac

Tim Horan, Dobbo and Mac

Hi GuysI want to thank Tim Horan and Dobbo for having me on the Dead Set Legends Show on Triple M on Saturday morning.  It was lots of fun in the studio.  Thanks for having me and letting me talk about the book.   From Mac



My Book Launch

Hi Guysfootball_amazon_seal

My book launch is on Saturday 5 April at 3.00pm at Mary Ryan Bookshop, 40 Park Road Milton.  Please let my mum know if you can come:

See ya.


Soccer balls for amputee Kids in Cambodia
Angela & Mac with Balls

Soccer balls for kids who have lost limbs in Cambodia

Hi Guys

I love playing soccer and I think that all kids should have the chance to play soccer too.  Today I’m meeting with Angela Herde from the Children’s Surgical Centre in Cambodia.  Angela is a physio here in Brisbane and she is going to Cambodia to help kids who have lost limbs from land mines.  Today I’m giving Angela $1000 to buy soccer balls for the kids for their rehabilitation (mum helped with that word).  Angela said they need to learn how to kick a ball again.  Some of the money will also go towards helping them to get new legs too.

Thanks Angela.

I’m writing a book

Hi Guys,

Over the school holidays someone said to me “you should write a book”.  I thought what a great idea.  So over the school holidayBook cover concept 5 m3s mum and I sat down and did a mind map.  We mapped out all of the chapters and things I wanted to write about.  Then I talked and Mum typed.  She can type pretty fast.  It’s going to the publisher this week.  We plan to have it on Amazon and in book stores from the first week in April :).

See ya.


Soccer balls for the kids on Manus Island

Today I met with Major Annette West from the Salvation Army. Major West is taking 50 soccer balls to the Offshore Processing Centre on Manus Island.  We also were able to give her three big, big boxes of soccer shirts and shorts from Football Qld.  I reckon the kids are going to love it.  Thank you Football Qld and than you Major West for helping us to do this.

Filming for The Project

I’ve just spent the most awesome three days road testing Seaworld, Wet n Wild and Dreamworld for ‘The Project’.  Every 10 year old’s dream.  Thanks so much to team at the Project, especially our producer Julia who was really kind and taught me a lot.  During the three days on The Project, we had over $2000 donated on the website for more soccer balls.  I think it was all well worth it.

Mac Millar filming for The Project at Dreamworld