5 March 2013

Today I was able to deliver 100 soccer balls to the Aussie soldiers to take to the children of Tarin Kot.  It was great to talk to the soldiers about their time in Afghanistan.  They said how much the kids will really appreciate having the balls to play with.  I got a tour of the Enoggera Army Barracks too.  It was pretty cool.  Jock, my brother came too.

Me and my brother, Jock, with the Aussie soldiers

6 February 2013

Hi Guys

I had an awesome time at the Brisbane Roar soccer clinic over the school holidays.  It was great to see Henrique, Massimo, Broich, actually the whole Brisbane Roar team came to see us over the camp.  I love the kit we got too.

Please see the new video I’ve uploaded onto the soccer video page.  It’s a great video about Lionel Messi.  It really inspires me to train hard and practise often.

I’ve reached my goal for raising money for the kids in Afghanistan.  I’ve raised $1400.00 plus 100 soccer balls donated.  Mum is now arranging to get the balls to the soldiers to take over for us.

With the left over money we are going to work with the Rotary Club of Fortitude Valley to take soccer balls to the Soloman Islands.

It’s great to be back at school.  I had really missed all my friends.  It’s good to see Mr Esat as well.  He’s a great teacher.  He’s the one who showed me the Lionel Messi inspirational video.

Remember “All you have to do in life is die….. the rest is up to you!”


6th Janury 2012

Hi Guys

I saw Brisbane Roar play agaisnt Melbourne Heart and they nearly came back from 3-0 to 3-2. Unfortunately the final score was too much for the Roar to come back. A good game but still just couldn’t quite get there.

We’ve now raised $400 and still aming to get $1000.  Please spread the word to all your friends and family.

Sorry, got to go. Write more next week.


28 December 2012

Hi Guys

I had fun on Monday training with the Roar.  I got to meet Henrique and Massimo Murdocca.  They were fun and showed me some tricks.  Our story was on the 7 and 10 news and Fox Sports too.

Did you see the Roar win on Wednesday night?  Henrique scored the winning goal.  It looked like he got hurt too.  I hope he’s okay.

I’ve written a tip sheet on “7 Tips on How To Be Selected for your Favourite Soccer Team”.  Enter your details into the boxes and I’ll send it to you.

We’re up to $350 raised for the kids of Afghanistan. We’ve also had 100 soccer balls donated already.  The Roar are going to donate some balls too, just not sure how many yet.

I’m still hoping to do an interview with Henrique in the next week or two.

Enjoy the holidays.  I’ll write again soon.


23 December 2012

Hi Guys

Make sure to catch me Monday night on the six o’clock news on channel 7,9 and 10.  I’ll be training with the Brisbane Roar while doing an interview with all of the news reporters about my website and aim to raise money for Afghanistan.

While I’m training with the Roar I’m going to ask Henrique if I can interview him for my website.

I’m also going to do a live radio interview at 2.07pm on 4BC station.

Now that I’m going to be on the news, I’m hoping that I can reach my goal of $1000.00 in just a week or two, instead of three months like I had planned.  Let’s keep going guys.  We are already on $311.00

Thanks Guys.  See you on Monday night.


12 December 2012

Hi Guys

My website is nearly ready to go. Mum is still trying to get the “Donate” button to work. Not long now. Can’t wait to tell everyone about this project. We haven’t raised any money yet, but already we have lots of people wanting to give us soccer balls for free. Channel 10 are interested in our story so I’ll be sending out our newsletter with all the details. Please fill out the form with your email address so I can send it to you.

I am grateful to the Minister Stephen Smith, for agreeing to let the soldiers take the balls to Afghanistan. Without this help, it would be really hard for us to get the balls to Afghanistan. Commander Simon Read has been really helpful in arranging everything. Thank you.

I also want to say thank you to the United Nations Association of Australia (Qld) for agreeing to accept all donations for us. This was a big problem for us and it’s worked out well. Thank you very much.