Rotary International Peace Forum

Hi Guys, I got to speak at the Rotary International Peace Forum on Monday.  It was awe-some!!  Lots of people there and they liked the work we are doing for refugees.  I was lucky to be able to donate some soccer balls to the refugee community in Logan.

Mac presenting balls to the refugee community of Logan

Rebel Sport just donated 50 soccer balls and 50 handballs!!

Hey, I just had a great interview with Ben on 2GB.  Rebel Sport just donated 50 soccer balls and 50 handballs to our cause.  Amazing!! Thank you so much to Rebel Sport.  They are being delivered directly to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship in Canberra, to be distributed around the country.

See ya!

We’ve raised $2000 for the kids in Australian detention centres

Hi Guys, thanks for all the support. I really appreciate it. We’ve raised over $2000 so now hopfully we can get a lot of balls to the Austrailan detention centres. I’m going to be on 2GB again on friday 5:00 and I’m really looking forward to it.

It was really fun chatting to Ben on Sydney 2GB radio station and the listeners who called in.

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See ya!


Thanks for the donations

Hi Guys

Thank you Ben, for having me on 2GB.  It was fun.  I really appreciated the kind words of your listeners.  It feels good to know that people think that this is a good idea.  We’ve now raised nearly $2000.  That’s a lot of soccer balls.

Thanks to everyone who has donated.  I’m trying to send a thank you email to everyone because I really appreciate your help.  I received a donation of $200 yesterday after being on 2GB.  I really appreciate that.  And I also got a donation of $3.00 too.  That’s just as special because I know that people really care about this cause even if they don’t have a lot of money.  Thank you very much.

see ya.


I was on the Today Show!!

Hi Guys, click here to see my interview on the Today program.   It was so cool talking to Karl and Lisa.  I’m going to be on radio tomorrow too, with Ben from the Today show.  Ben wants me to talk about the balls for Afghanistan and now my new goal of soccer balls for the children of refugees in Australian detention centres.  It’s on in Sydney though.

We spoke to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship and they are happy to help me to get the balls to the kids.  The kids aren’t actually in the detention centres but in different accommodation.  But we will give some balls to the adults in the detention centres as well.  Anyway, that’s our plan.  I’ll let you know how we go.

Thanks to everyone for all of the donations and emails of support for this project.  It feels really good to be helping other kids and that so many people think it’s a good idea too.

See ya next time!


Goal achieved!!!

Sacha here, Mac’s mum.  Well, Mac has achieved his goal. We received a call from a journalist in Afghanistan saying the Australian soldiers distributed the soccer balls to the children of Tarin Kot over the week end.  It was Mac’s birthday yesterday and he said it was a great present to know the balls got to the kids.  Mac will be on the Today program tomorrow morning (Tuesday 30 April 7.13am) talking to Karl Stefanovic about his project.

Mac has also delivered 60 soccer balls to the Rotary Club of Fortitude Valley for their project in the Solomon Islands.  Mac’s new aim is to provided soccer balls for the children of refugees in Australian detention centres.

Thanks for all of the support Mac has received for his project.  Much appreciated.

Mac’s (and Jock’s) very proud mum.

26 April 2013

Hi guys, in the semi-finals, first Barcelona loses 4-0 and now Real Madrid loses 4-1 and nothing has really changed in the premier league. It is still Man United 1st, Man City 2nd, Arsenal 3rd, Chelsea 4th and Tottenham 5th. By the way, did you see Luis Suarez bite Ivan Ivanavic.  Seriously Luis, no biting on the soccer pitch!

See ya next time!


23 April 2013

Hi guys, did you see that barcelona lost 4-0 to Bayern Munich!!!. I don’t think Barcelona were able to clear there lines with Bayern Munich’s pressing attitude and they coudn’t get out of there half. In the premier league Manchester United still on top but they are hoping to break the record which was 94 set by the Chelsea team in 2004. Manchester United have 5 games to get fifteen points.


From Mac!

16 April 2013

Hi Guys, I really hope that Barcelona can win the champions league this year but they’re going to have to beat the previous runners up Bayern Munich on Wednesday the 24th April away. In the premier league Manchester United are on top as always but this time Manchester City are on their tail with just a one point difference.  The Tottenham Hotspurs are also in the top five on the ladder, my favorite team.

Thanks guys for tuning in.  See ya next time!


11 April 2013

We have now also delivered 60 soccer balls and hand pumps to the Rotary Club of Fortitude Valley and they are taking them to the children of the Solomon Islands.  I wish to thank Mr Nathan Powell, the President Elect of the Rotary Club, for organising this for me.  Mr Powell is coming to my school on Friday 19 April so I can make a presentation to him.  Thank you again.

The Rotary Club put a story about the balls going to the Solomon Islands in their newsletter.  Click here to see the Newsletter.