Football – Play It Forward by Mac Millar

Over the school holidays last year I was telling someone about my project and they said “Gee Mac, you could write a book about that”.  So I did!

My book is called ‘Football – Play It Forward. A 10 year old’s goal of peace through soccer balls’ and it’s the story of how I: built a website; raised funds; arranged for the Aust  soldieFootball - Play It Forward by Mac Millarrs to take soccer balls to Afghanistan; met the Governor of Qld won a United Nations Association of Aust award; delivered soccer balls to the children of refugees in Australian detention centres and my experiences working with some of Australia’s highest profile media personalities.

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What people are saying about Football – Play It Forward by Mac Millar:

“OMG Mac You’re an inspiration to us all. United Nations has a job with your name on it ‘Go Mac.’ ” - Linda Manley

“Enjoy the journey of a ten year old boy achieving a dream to bring joy to poor kids around the world through his love for soccer. It will make you feel good, make you laugh and know our future is in good hands and inspiring for children to follow their dreams.” – Clem Campbell

“Mac should be congratulated for his effort to make the world a better place. There should be more adults like Mac focused on doing what he is doing.” - Fred Ferrante