Walk to a Better World – soccer balls for kids in Africa

Soccer balls for Matt Napier and ‘Walk to a Better World’

My friend Matt Napier walked across southern Africa kicking a soccer ball in June this year to remind people about the poverty that still exists around the world. We gave Matt

Play It Forward Soccer balls for kids in Africa

Play It Forward Soccer balls for kids in Africa

and his organisation “Walk to a Better World” $1000 for soccer balls to give away to kids as he walked from Namibia to Mozambique. Apparently the soccer balls were a huge hit.  I think Matt went through a few during the trip too.

Matt walked a total of 2,300 km spending less than $1.50 a day.  I don’t think I could’ve done that.  Matt is now talking about the next fundraising trip.

Thanks Matt for “Playing It Forward”. I’m also an ambassador for Walk to a Better World. http://www.walktoabetterworld.com/ambassadors/


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