Soccer balls for Nepal and the Bentham Foundation

Soccer Balls for the Bentham Foundation in Nepal

Mick Bentham and the Bentham Foundation

Mick Bentham and the Bentham Foundation

So when I was at the Rotary Club of Cleveland I met Mick Bentham and he has started the Bentham foundation when he provides help to the kids of Nepal.  Mick said he’d take 50 soccer balls to the kids over there when he goes on his next trip.

Mick visited Nepal for the first time in 2010 and decided he wanted to help the kids to get fresh drinking water and it’s really grown from there.  The Bentham Foundation has bought land and built a school.  I think it’s pretty amazing.

I’ll look forward to Mick’s trip when he takes the soccer balls to the kids.  50 Balls is going to be a fair bit to carry into the hills of Nepal!


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