Soccer balls for Indigenous Kids with the help of Awakabal

Soccer balls for Indigenous Kids with the help of Awakabal  

Nations of Origin - Indigenous kids

Nations of Origin – Indigenous kids

With the help of Toni Johnson at the Awakabal organisation in Newcastle, we were able to get 50 soccer balls to the indigenous kids in the area.  These were distributed at the PCYC Nations of Origin football tournament.

One day we received a donation through my website.  Mum emailed to say thank you and she noticed that the donation had come from someone who worked at the Awakabal community organisation – they help indigenous people in the community.  Anyway, mum asked if the kids in their community could benefit from some soccer balls.  Toni Johnson from Awakabal gratefully accepted and we arranged for them to get 50 soccer balls.  The balls were distributed at the Nations of Origin football tournament organised by the PCYC.  Thanks so much to Toni, Awakabal and the PCYC for distributing these soccer balls.  

Awabakal has provides services to Indigenous people living in the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens and Hunter Valley regions of New South Wales.

The services are delivered and predominately managed by professional Aboriginal staff experienced with and sensitive to the needs of the community. Awabakal is a multifunctional not-for-profit organisation that delivers a broad range services and community programs.

Thanks so much Toni and Awakabal.

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