Soccer balls for the kids of Tibet


Soccer balls for Tibet

Soccer balls for Tibet

TIBET:  It’s been a little while, but here’s a message from our good friend Michel in Shanghai.  We gave him some soccer balls to take on his Rotary trip to Tibet.  Here is his message:  “We are just back from the Tibet and we visited  several RCS KBD villages and other KBD villages and distributed 61 soccer balls donated by Mac and Frank and we sponsored the transport and local delivery thank you for this wonderful present you give us . We saw kids faces shine like stars, kids playing with each other and our team member going back to our soccer roots of early years and speaking the world language of playing again with each other without a phone just being in the moment! Mac we are proud of you and we lived your dream as are the kids in several villages in Tibet.

Thanks so much Michel.  I really appreciate you helping with this.  Thank you for ‘Playing It Forward’.


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