Meeting the North Korean National Football Team

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With the North Korean National Football Team

With the North Korean National Football Team

It was really such an honour to meet the National Football Team from North Korea this week.  I went to Melbourne to meet them at training before their game.  They were so cool.  A couple of the guys shook my hand, gave me a high five and couldn’t resist giving my hair a rustle.  (Mum said that they probably haven’t met a kid with blond curly hair before). 

The players and the managers were really good to let us meet with them during their training.  We are so grateful.   When I was in Shanghai I met Mr Randal Eastman who takes kids from North Korea to Shanghai for heart surgery.  I ask Randy if he could help me to get soccer balls into North Korea and he said YES!!  

Mr Rob Ward from the Rotary in Melbourne is helping to get the soccer balls to the kids in North Korea and he organised my trip to Melbourne.  Mum and I had a great time.  I got to hang out with Miles (Rob’s son) and  Miles’ friend, Lucas. We played some futsal and played soccer on the beach at St Kilda.  

We are planning to get 1400 soccer balls and uniforms to 12 orphanages and four schools in the DPRK.  Rob has been working really hard to organise all of this.  Thanks so much Rob…..

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