Orphanage in Cambodia

Kids playing soccer at the orphanage in Cambodia

Kids playing soccer at the orphanage in Cambodia

I received a great email from Albert Benfer who is from the Rotary Club of Cleveland.  I met him at the Rotary International Convention in Sydney and when I was guest speaker at the Cleveland Rotary Club.  He visited an orphanage in Cambodia and he took some soccer balls because he thought it was a great idea.  Anyway he was telling my mum that he received an email from one of the volunteers at the centre:

Hi Albert, Thanks so much for the wonderful footballs – the boys love playing with them – especially in the heavy rain – they rush out & end up dripping wet in no time at all & laugh happily together.  They usually do this late afternoon when they are back from school so the day I took this picture there were only the kids who had attended morning school around – hence the low number.

Please tell Mac that out in the remote villlages I see big groups of young teenagers & a little older playing volleyball & having a great time together & I took an American family out there one day & they joined in a football game in our school yard – no need for language – sport did it all – so Mac is on the right track.

Thanks so much Albert.

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