Soccer balls for the kids of Syria!! This was a big achievement.

Soccer balls for the kids of  Syria

Soccer balls for the kids of Syria

Well, this is one of our best achievements.  Soccer balls have just been delivered to the kids of Syria!!! (thanks to the Australaian Ambassador to Jordan).  I really wanted to get soccer balls to the kids of Syria but because of the war I knew we couldn’t get soccer balls into the co…untry.  Then we realised there are hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan.  So I wrote a letter to the Australian Ambassador to Jordan, Ambassador Venamore and she agreed to distribute soccer balls to the Syrian children in refugee camps there.  I just received an email saying the balls went to an organisation in Jordan called CARE International.  They are an NGO running a football program to build links between local Jordanian kids, Syrian refugees and Iraqi refugees. It’s a great photo.  The kids got soccer balls and shirts with the money we sent over. And next week I’m going to Canberra to deliver soccer balls to the kids of Gaza.  I’m giving the balls to The General Delegate of Palestine (like the Ambassador).  He will take the soccer balls to the kids of Gaza who lost their schools and homes during the bombing.

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