When I met Frank Farina and why I’ll be better prepared next time!

Thank you to Kerry Price for introducing me to Frank Farina.

There’s not many bigger stars in Australian football than Frank Farina.  Frank played for the Socceroos in Olympics and the World Cup and he also coached them.  So I thought it was pretty amazing when my mum got an email asking if I’d like to meet him.  HELL YEAH!  I mean ‘heck, yes’.
I got to spend half an hour talking to Frank about when he played soccer, my project and the one big question.  So, why do I need to be better prepared next time?  It’s not the first time this has happened.  Frank asked me……. ‘Mac, how can I help you?’.  And you know what I said?    Actually, I said nothing.  I was speechless.  The most famous football coach in Australia wants to help with my project and I didn’t have an answer.  For those of you know me, that doesn’t happen too often (except recently when the state football coach introduced me to his daughters).   
Anyway, I’m still working on some ideas and I’ll keep you updated.
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