$1000 from The Rotary Club of Cleveland & 100 Soccer Balls from the RSL of Redland Bay

President Glen, John and his son Tim who plays soccer for RedlandsRecently I’m really learning about the power of Rotary.  Last week I was at the Rotary Club of Gold Coast and this week I was invited to speak at the Rotary Club of Cleveland.  I met John Simpson at the Rotary International Convention in Sydney and he was telling me about their project in Vanuatu.  He offered to take accross soccer balls to the kids in Vanuatu for us.  Then I met President Glen too and she asked my mum if I could come and speak at their club.  I met Mr Balbir Singh from India too.  He was also their guest.  And I met Tim, John’s son.  Tim plays soccer too, for Redlands.  Anyway, I really appreciate how much other’s want to help me to raise money for soccer balls.  President Glen gave me a cheque for $1000 which they raised at her changeover dinner AND the RSL Club of Redlands donated 100 soccer balls.  This is so great, because I have heaps of soccer balls we are sending out right now.  Mum is arranging soccer balls for the Australian Federal Police for their Peacekeepers to take to PNG and the Australian Ambassador in Jordan has agreed to distribute soccer balls to the Syrian refugees staying in Jordan.  So this money is just so much appreciated.  Thanks so much to the Rotary Club of Cleveland and RSL Club of Redland Bay!


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