"Football. Play It Forward".

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After speaking tours of India (where Mac spoke to nearly 10,000 kids), China, and speaking at a UN event in Canberra, Mac has been invited back to Shanghai to speak in the TEDx Talks in April this year. With the help of Rotary, Mac is currently working on 1400 soccer balls for kids in orphanages in North Korea. 

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My name is Maclean Millar (but I prefer Mac). Soccer is my life. I love playing it, watching it and learning about it. My goal is to play for Manchester United like Robin Van Persie, but I really like Messi too. Mum still asks me what job I want when I grow up. She really doesn’t get it.

I love playing soccer and I think that all kids should have the opportunity to play soccer too, so I decided to start my project – Football. Play it Forward, where I raise money for soccer balls for kids all around the world.

I’m feeling really good about my aim to help the kids all around the world to play football. So far we have raised over $20,000 and distributed over 2000 soccer balls to 15 countries including Afghanistan (thanks to the Australian soldiers), Solomon Islands, Fiji, Vanuatu, The Maldives, Nepal, Zimbabwe and Uganda (thanks to Rotary), refugee detention centres all around Australia including Manus Island and Nauru (thanks to the Salvation Army), as well as Cambodia.

With the help of Rotary, we are working on getting soccer balls to Mamba School in Tanzania.

Also the Australian Ambassador to Jordan, Ambassador Venamore has agreed to help me to get soccer balls to the children from Syria who are living in refugee camps in Jordan. The kids aren’t going to school and they have nothing to do.  The Ambassador is giving the soccer balls to CARE International who have a football program helping the Syrian and Iraqi refugees assimilate with the Jordanian kids.

We are also working with the Australian Federal Police to give a kit of soccer balls to the Australian Peacekeepers when they go on a mission around the world.  These soccer balls are currently going to Papua New Guinea with the AFP.

I have a goal to raise $5000 for children in Bangladesh.  At the Rotary International Convention in Sydney I met Showket, the incoming District Governer in Bangladesh.  He said if I can raise $5000 then he will match it and together we will provide $10,000 worth of soccer balls for the kids of Bangladesh.  Then Showket will arrange a soccer tournament in his district.  This sounds amazing!

So, please help me to raise more money for more soccer balls.  Thanks so Rebel Sport we can get soccer balls at $7.00 each when we buy them in bulk.  $100 will buy a kit of 10 balls, a bag, three hand pumps and markers for the pitch and goals.

Please click on the Donate Here button and lets help the kids together.  All money donated on the website goes to the United Nations Association of Australia and they will help me to buy the soccer balls.

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Oh, and ask your mum or dad to like us on Facebook. Go to www.facebook.com/footballplayitforward.  My Mum looks after this for me.  I’m not allowed to write on it.  Mum said I have to be 13.

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Interview with David Curnow on ABC612 – Click here.
David Curnow from ABC 612

I can’t get the interview to play in Internet Explorer.  Dad said try Chrome or Firefox.  The interview was lots of fun.  I don’t know who was laughing me David or my mum.

Interview on The Project

United Nations Award – Today Show Interview with Karl Stefanovic

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Mac on Totally Wild talking about Football – Play It Forward


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Football. Play it Forward

Presenting the first lot of balls to the Australian soldiers.